Tedd Nathanson, IAQ Consultant

Tedd Nathanson, P.Eng., began working in the field of indoor air quality (IAQ) in 1985 while employed by the Federal Government, and retired as Corporate Manager, Building Air Quality, Public Works and Government Services Canada, in 2005.

Now in private practice, Tedd Nathanson provides IAQ consulting services to the federal and provincial public sector, and to private corporations. His clients include environmental consultant companies, school boards, hospitals, commercial building owners, and construction companies. His field of expertise encompasses IAQ assessments and HVAC system audits, mould avoidance and remediation, infection control, building commissioning, and accommodating employees with Environmental Sensitivities. He has also provided expert legal testimony throughout Canada.

Tedd Nathanson served as the Secretary of the Federal Provincial Working Group on Indoor Air Quality, and authored Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings: A Technical Guide, Health Canada, 1995. This document is cited in the Canada Labour Code, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, as the sampling and assessment protocol to be used for all buildings under federal and provincial jurisdiction. This guide was the first publication to develop mould exposure criteria, and these are still in use today.

In 2011, the Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality and Buildings and the National Research Council retained Mr. Nathanson to write Guidelines for the Hygienic Operation of Air Handling Systems. This 45 page document establishes a methodology for the inspection, evaluation, testing, cleaning, and maintenance of HVAC systems and components to ensure acceptable IAQ in the work environment and demonstrate due diligence.

Tedd Nathanson has evaluated the indoor environment in offices, schools, and hospitals as well as other specialized environments such as airport control towers, Level 3 laboratories, and printing facilities. In 2000, at the request of the Ottawa Municipal Medical Officer of Health, Mr. Nathanson assessed the IAQ and mould in 115 classrooms and worked to develop proactive IAQ policies for the four Ottawa-Carleton school boards. He has also advised the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Attorney General on environmental issues.

Mr. Nathanson has also supervised several major mould remediation projects for the Federal Government and the private sector.

Tedd Nathanson also plays a leading role in IAQ "technology transfer," and has delivered numerous training seminars, workshops, and papers, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Nathanson has conducted workshops for the Technical University of Nova Scotia, and the Universities of Toronto, Carleton, Sydney (Australia), Massey (New Zealand), and Tsinghua (Beijing). He has conducted IAQ workshops and training at the invitation of the provinces of PEI (2-two day training workshops related to IAQ and maintenance in schools), Nova Scotia, B.C., and Ontario; the Queensland Government; NATO; civil service unions; the Russian Engineering Association; and the Chinese Institute of Health.

For the Queensland Government in Australia, Mr. Nathanson developed an IAQ Assessment policy and procedure manual which has served as a model for the other Australian states. In China, Tedd was invited to transfer IAQ and Mould measurement technology to federal industrial hygienists, engineers, and mycologists.

Tedd Nathanson wrote two chapters of the Indoor Air Quality Handbook (McGraw-Hill, 2000), edited by John Spengler (Harvard University), Jonathan Sammet (John Hopkins University), and John McCarthy. He has written, reviewed, and edited technical papers and books for Health Canada, the American Society of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the US. Environmental Protection Agency, and the World Health Organization.

Tedd is a founding member of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ) and a past member of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and ASHRAE. He has served on the Steering Committee for ISIAQ and ASHRAE conferences. He has contributed to three ISIAQ Task Force publications - Control of Moisture Problems Affecting Biological Indoor Quality (1996), General Principles for the Investigation of IAQ Complaints (1997), and Performance Criteria of Buildings for Health and Comfort (2002) - as well as Health Canadaís Fungal Contamination in Public Buildings: A Guide to Recognition and Management, 1995, Tools for Schools, 2003, and Fungal Contamination in Public Buildings: Health effects and Investigation Methods, 2004.

As a member of the Canadian Construction Associationís Mould Task Force, Tedd Nathanson wrote its informational brochure and contributed to and edited Standard Construction Document 82-2004, Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry. Tedd served as chairman of the CCA Training Task Force, and in 2005 the course manual and exam for accreditation of contractors was completed. Tedd conducted the mould remediation training to accredit 34 members of the Ottawa Construction Association in February 2006.

Tedd Nathanson served on the Board of Directors of Healthy Indoor Partnerships (HIP) and spoke at their IAQ Workshops in Montreal and Toronto. He wrote the document, IAQ Regulations, Standards, and Guidelines, 2005, for HIP.

Mr. Nathanson currently serves as senior advisor to three national environmental consulting companies. He reviews IAQ investigation and audit reports to insure that quality assurance, quality control, and due diligence standards are met.